Sunday, August 30, 2015

Call to Action: Please Use This Blog

When the Northshore New Jim Crow Task Force began meeting two years ago, participants first read and discussed Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Those discussions led us to meet people who had real experience with the criminal justice system in Louisiana, from the formerly incarcerated to relatives of the incarcerated to defense lawyers. We dug deeper. Some of us became active in local and state politics, hoping to influence the legislature of the "prison capital of the world."

The work is not done.

We have gathered information on this blog to help people become informed of various issues related to mass incarceration and endemic racism which affect us all. We have heard people express that racism is in the past, that people should look ahead, not to what happened to their ancestors, but forward to the future. But the past has created the present. We deal with the consequences of the past every day. The material posted on this blog and the videos to which we have linked support that truth.

There is a wealth of information here to aid you on your journey of informative activism. Help yourself!

On our Resources page, you can find:
  • reports that review the history of slavery in America, history that many of us did not study in school;
  • reports on people in the United States being sent to prison for debts;
  • reports on the school-to-prison pipeline and the juvenile justice system;
  • links to online videos--documentaries that explore the difficulties that the incarcerated face when they are released from jail, that investigate the effects of the (failed) Drug War on people and communities, that suggest how we can reduce recidivism, that explore the treatment of the mentally ill in our criminal justice system;
  • and more....
On our Events page, you can find an event--local or regional in Louisiana, political, informative, or celebratory--that you might like to attend.

On our Related Organizations page, you can find an organization with which you might want to become involved or to learn more about.

On the Lagniappe page, you will find news articles from writers of different viewpoints, reporting and editorializing on:
  • racism, 
  • mass incarceration, 
  • the predatory costs of prison phone calls, 
  • unequal justice in sentencing,
  • the criminalization of minority youth
  •  the high crime rate, the high poverty rate, and high incarceration rate in Louisiana and the connection of those with income inequality 
Our Home page includes the latest posts and information on opportunities for action, such as the recent posts below: 
We will continue to update this blog in the months ahead. Check in and check out what's new!

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